Single Card Product Condition Guide

Near Mint

Near Mint cards will show little to no play wear, with any such wear being minor and any flaws minimal.

While a Near Mint card may have a small number of small edge nicks, the card should overall appear unplayed.

As Near Mint is the highest condition of card that our condition guide has, these cards will range from pristine, pack-fresh cards, to cards with only a few minor imperfections.

Lightly Played

Lightly Played cards may have minor edge or corner wear, or may have some light scratching or scuffs from use.

These cards will not have any major damage such as creasing, but some noticeable imperfections may be visible.

Moderately Played

Moderately Played cards will have more significant wear, including possible heavier edge/corner wear, warping, or scratching.

Generally, these cards will not have any notable creases, though a card with a small crease and no other notable imperfections may fall in this category.

Heavily Played

Heavily Played cards consist of cards with heavy edge, back, or corner wear, and/or notable creases.

These cards should still be considered tournament legal - any that are not will fall in the “Damaged” category.


The lowest condition category, Damaged cards are considered to have been damaged enough to make the card illegal for any tournament play - typically, this means extreme wear or creasing that can be felt even through a sleeve.