Pokemon TCG BW Plasma Freeze Complete 222 Card Master Set 122/116 w/ Revs, SRs

Sale price$1,499.95


Pokemon Compete 222-Card Master Set of BW Plasma Freeze!!!

This set contains one copy of each of the cards in the Plasma Freeze Set! This means one of every common, uncommon, rare, and Holofoil card in the set, as well as their Reverse Holofoil Versions! In addition, the set comes with one of each of the six Ultra Rare EX cards, both ACE SPEC cards, as well as one of each of the eight Full Art cards. The set also has one each of the set's six Secret Rares (Empoleon, Sigilyph, Garbodor, Garchomp, Max Potion, and Ultra Ball)! 222 cards in total!

All cards in this set are in Lightly Played-Near Mint Condition! Please see the attached photos! Due to eBay photo limits, I wasn't able to show all of the cards (specifically Frozen City through Plasma Energy), but the non-shown ones are available upon request. If you want any close-up scans of any particular card, message us and let us know, and we will try to get those to you quickly!

Shipping is FREE on this item in the United States!

All cards will be shipped in sleeves, and in the binder for safe travel. The binder itself will be properly protected with bubble wrap during shipment. Please be advised that due to the items value, it will require signature confirmation. Please allow 2-3 business days handling time.

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