Monarch 1st Edition Booster Box- Flesh & Blood

Monarch 1st Edition Booster Box- Flesh & Blood

Flesh and Blood


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One sealed display booster display box of Monarch 1st Edition Booster Box

Release Date: May 7, 2021 (New release date)


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Product Configuration:
307 cards in set
15 cards + 1 token per pack
24 packs per display
4 displays per case

Set Composition:
1 Fabled
6 Legendary
31 Majestic
79 Rares
13 Equipment
159 Commons
18 Tokens Rarity

Premium Foil - 1 per pack (Rainbow Foil or Cold Foil)
Rare or higher - 1 + 1 per pack (1 Rare + 1 Rare/ Majestic)
Equipment - 1 per pack
Common - 11 per pack
Token - 1 per pack