Invoke Dracona Optimai//Dracona Optimai

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Legendary (You may only have 1 Invoke Dracona Optimai in your deck.)
Transform target ash you control into Dracona Optimai. Go again (Put the ash under him.)

Dracona Optimai Whenever Dracona Optimai attacks a hero, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. He deals arcane damage equal to twice the number of red cards revealed this way to them or an ally they control.
  • Rarity:Majestic
  • Number:UPR006
  • Card Type:Action
  • Card SubType:Ally;Dragon;Invocation
  • Class:Illusionist
  • Talent:Draconic
  • Cost:6
  • Pitch Value:1
  • Power:6
  • Defense Value:3
  • Life:6
  • Flavor Text:The dragon of devastation, said to serve only the Aesir of Flames.

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