Flesh and Blood Championship Series Details

We are excited to announce the first Yeti Gaming Championship Series event for Flesh and Blood!

This season will run from October 2nd through December 20th. During this time, players who participate in our weekly tournaments will earn 1 point per match win. Each Monday, the Leaderboard will be updated, so you can see where you rank!

After December 20th, the top 11 Players will move onto the Championship Tournament, held in January.

In addition to the Top 11 Ranked Players, there will be one more spot in the Championship Tournament, to be awarded via a Last-Chance Qualifier Tournament. The LCQ Event will take place the day before the Championship Tournament, where the Winner of the LCQ will move onto to be the 12th competitor in the Championship Tournament.

Both the LCQ and the Championship Tournament will be Classic Constructed.

Additional information is listed below!

Thanks for playing, and we hope to see you all at Yeti Gaming!

Visit the FAB Leaderboard

How to Enter the Championship Tournament

To gain points for the leaderboard, all you need to do is play in our events like you normally would! There are no additional entry fees or other requirements to participate.

We have 4 events held each week, of different formats. You are invited to participate in all events of your choice!

Every Match Win earns you 1 point towards the Leaderboards.

Larger events with multipliers will be held every month!

No. You can attend as many or as few events as you would like during the Championship Series regular season dates (October 2-December 20th)

Definitely! Just let us know when you sign up for any event, that you are not interested in being part of the Leaderboard.

Leaderboard & Tie Breakers

The Tiebreakers in place for the Leaderboard are:

1st tiebreaker: 1st Place in Events.

2nd tiebreaker: Head to Head.

3rd tiebreaker: Win Percentage.

4th tiebreaker: If two players remain tied following the first three tiebreakers, then they will play one game of Classic Constructed to determine who gets the higher placement.

Each Week runs from Thursday through Saturday.

The Leaderboard will be updated by Monday each week (exceptions may apply).

Check out the Leaderboard HERE

If you are unable to participate in the Championship Tournament, the spot will be passed down to the next ranked player.