YuGiOh Remote Duel Invitational Qualifier Invite and Win-a-Mat Events

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Remote Duel Invitational Qualifier is an Invite Only event will take place on Saturday January 16, 2021 

Players can confirm their invite here Remote Duel Invitational Qualifier Invite List

    Entry: FREE
    START TIME: 10:00 am

    How to Register:

      • Include Yugioh Invitational Qualifier in the subject line to ensure you are added to the correct event.
      • Decklist and the Registration Slip must be received by Saturday January 16 at 9:30 am.- Player's whose forms are not received on time may not be added to the tournament. 
        • Decklist can not be changed once they are received.
    • Head over to the Yeti Gaming Discord Server to play in the Remote Duel Invitational Qualifier! Start Time for the Tournament is 10:00 am!

    Prizes:  All prizing will be shipped out to each Duelist who has earned prizing, starting approximately on Thursday, January 21st, 2021.

    -You can use a program like Doc Hub to fill our your forms online-

    Once we receive your Forms, you will be given a Discord Role on the Yeti Gaming Discord Server! 

    Public Events throughout the day include 5 Win-a-Mats events for $12.00 each.

    • Win-a-Mat #1: 11:00 am
    • Win-a-Mat #2: 12:00 pm
    • Win-a-Mat #3: 1:00 pm
    • Win-a-Mat #4: 2:00 pm
    • Win-a-Mat #5: 3:00 pm

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